** Be sure to keep track of the websites and books that you find information on.  You will need to hand in a list. **


1.       The first section of your research should focus on the history of your instrument.  Try your best to find answers to all of these questions.

a.    When was your instrument invented?

b.    Who invented your instrument?

c.    Where was your instrument invented?

d.    How is the original model of your instrument different than the ones we play today?

e.    What are all of the parts of your instrument?

f.    What is your instrument made of?

g.    What was your instrument originally used for? (i.e. the French horn was used as a signal for hunters riding on horses!)

h.    Are there any other interesting facts that you came across?

2.       Research ONE professional musician who plays your instrument.

a.    Where is the musician from?

b.    Where does the musician live now?

c.    When did he or she start learning the instrument?

d.    Does he or she play more than one instrument?

e.    Was the musician part of a band or orchestra, or did he or she play alone?

3.       Listen to some recordings of your chosen musician.

a.    What recording did you listen to?

b.    Did you listen to a solo recording or one with an ensemble?

c.    Where did you find the recording?

d.    Did you like the recording?  Why, or why not?



You have two options for this section of the Web Quest. 

Option 1: Please write a two page paper using Microsoft Word (use a 12-point font size) describing all that you have learned about your instrument and your famous musician.  Please make a list of the websites and books that you used in your research.  Please make sure that you use correct spelling and grammar.
Option 2:

Please present your information neatly and colorfully on a poster board (or two!).  You might want to use one poster board for information about your instrument and one for your famous musician.  Please include pictures and illustrations.  Please make a list of the websites and books that you used in your research.

2007 Mr. Hait