Your #1 resource for this might be your library!  Go ask your librarian for some help finding material and CD's.

Information About the History of Instruments

Instrument Storage Room - New York Philharmonic KidZone

Instrument Encyclopedia - Great Site! - Fun site with some information about instruments

The Symphony, an Interactive Guide - Lots of information (Click on 'Orchestra')

Dallas Symphony Orchestra - Kids - Listen to all of the instruments

Energy is In the Air! - Lots of information about instrument families

          General information about brass

          General information about woodwinds

          General information about percussion


Information About Famous Musicians

Yahoo Directory - Artists by Instrument

Google Directory Artists by Instrument

Jazz Musicians in America

Famous Flute Players



Information About Where To Find Listening Examples

Listen to music at - Type in the name of who you are looking for, find a CD.  You can click on the names of the songs to listen to them!



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